This page is back up!

We took the page down because we had too many butt hurt complaints that "How could we be so rude to our customers?".  Well, we had 3x as many emails from customer's asking us why we took it down in the 1st place. And, they wanted the page back up!  Well, we listened and here we are.  Enjoy the comments!

Note of Caution on Explicit Language:

We tell it like it is around here.  If you see language you don't like then maybe you need to click on the Disney World Link to escape this page.

We get some of the most interesting, fun and idiotic comments about our decals. Therefore, we will post them here so you can laugh a little hopefully a lot. at these.  We love our customers but sometimes you have to wonder about their common sense.  Now many of you won't agree with our tactics.  And, I really don't care if you don't.  The customer is NOT always right especially when they flat out lie and we catch them. And, we do frequently! If you can man the fuck up we will take care of you.  If you're going to act like an entitled little bitch well then you get Famed on our Wall of Idiots!

eBay/Etsy attracts some of the worst customers that we have.  Every single one of our Listing Ads states in red bold 18pt letters:  

Yet, we still get complaints.  Keep in mind...Ford sells its replacements for 55.00 each.  

Why we would ever try to sell real ones for 9.99-10.99 each!

‚ÄčThat is just freakin stupid (lack of) common sense from our customers!

Enjoy the remarks.  And, now that you know what we sell visit our Web Store, eBay Store or Like Us on Facebook!  Hate us on Facebook that is okay too!

August 30, 2019 eBay customer Vicki K.
Purchased a white/black Strokin decal for her Ford Super Duty.  Leaves negative feedback that product is cheap and made in China.  What a bullshit comment.  The material, premium cast air release vinyl is made in Santa Maria, CA and we print the product in Tucson, AZ using Ink made in Seattle, WA   Just another idiot that can't research anything before they open their pie hole and look completely stupid.  She probably screwed up the install which they always blame that on us. Welcome to the Wall of Idiots!

August 12, 2019 eBay Customer Ryan B.
Purchased a Ford International Decal for the grille of his 1995-1996 Truck on June 22nd which was a Saturday.  We shipped the product on the following Monday.  Tracking # shows delivered on June 26th.  Ryan, sends an email on Sunday, August 11th asking where his order is.  Yes, 6 weeks later this idiot is asking us where the product is.  BTW...once we ship our software sends two email notifications that the product has shipped.  Then Ryan leaves a bullshit lie of negative feedback with eBay that we didn't respond to him.  Which btw we did via email the next business day.  Ryan are you that entitled you clearly have to be a douchebag?

July 31, 2019/August 1, 2019 - Etsy Customer: Matt C.
Purchased 2 sets of Ford Power Strokin Decals for his 2002 F350.  We sent the correct size.  However, Matt says they are the wrong size.  After having him measure the emblems (which is measured wrong twice even though we sent him an image on how to measure them.  I guess if you own a big ass truck doesn't make you Man Enough to properly use a measuring tape.  Anyway, he informs us after he received them that the emblems are probably aftermarket from the dealer.  Well, no kidding Matt they are!  Matt wants us to pay for a return label and shipping to get the correct sizes.  We ask again for him to confirm the sizes but ends up bitching he is not an expert on how to measure them.  So, we send the image on how to measure again!  See below.

After I agree that WE will pay for the shipping even though it's now our mistake he proceeds the next day to open a case with Etsy claiming we sent the wrong sizes.  Plus, he adds a comment. Copied and pasted from the Etsy Email System:

"Tried for a resolution to exchange, seller was hard to deal with, I sent photos and measurements as requested, I used a tape measure to do so, after that I was told a tape measure wouldn’t be sufficient, that is the only means of measure I have available, haven’t gotten a response in 2 days after several attempts"

So, now Matt is a liar! And, he is so stupid that I can't edit the email history trail on Etsy.

Etsy email shows that we sent him numerous emails the previous day.  And, we didn't tell him measuring tape is not good enough either.  Copy of the email:

Here is the image I sent in the previous email on how to measure the blue area. 

Confirming the sizes to make sure we are sending the correct size is being rude?

So, I guess sending him 6 damn emails wasn't efficient enough after he claimed "haven’t gotten a response in 2 days after several attempts"

Here is our last email response to him using ETSY mails system.

Matt - you might want to look at the email conversations that we have had in the last day. The last email to you was YESTERDAY! Stating we would send the correct size decals. Now you changed you might AGAIN. (opps typo)

Return the product. Once received I will add the 3.49 (1st class mail for 4 oz with tracking) shipping to the refund plus the cost of the original sale.

Yep, another customer that gets Famed on our Wall of Idiots.

July 30, 2019 - Eric B
Copy of the email - Hello I was looking to get a tracking number on my order # 677002. Can you
assist please?

Thank you in advance.

Now if that wasn't enough he proceeds 1 damn minute later to send this email:
I was hoping you guys could send me a tracking number on my order # 677002

I guess he forgot he sent an email to us just 60 seconds earlier?

My response to that email copied and pasted and not edited:
Hi - are you referring to the order you placed on July 27th, a Saturday, at 8:17PM our time?  I'm confused as to why you think it would have shipped already?

And, the response back not edited:
I am refering to that yes.  I ended up paying for the express shipping and didnt know when that would hapoen.  I'm unfamiliar with your company obviously as I am a first time buyer.  So that being said most online companies send you a confirmation email stating the purchase was acknowledged.  I never recieved anything from the company stating that so naturally I was concerned.  I'm sure you understand.

(and, I thought I couldn't spell!)

So, I look up this order.  It came in on Saturday, July 29, 2019, at 8:17 PM.  Eric sends an email on Sunday at 2:19 PM asking for a tracking number.  We actually get a lot of these emails on a daily basis but he stands out because he wants to know if the order has already shipped.  For starters, we are NOT Amazon Prime and on his receipt which he claims he didn't get a copy of but knew his order # which by the way is available to print out once the order is processed.  IS the confirmation of the order!  We also send two more emails but Eric doesn't know how to check his SPAM folder for those emails.  He paid Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping.  But, says he paid for Express Shipping.  Sorry, but 6.99 for Priority Mail compared to 18.00 for Express Mail are NOT the same!

Well, we sent the product out Priority Mail in 1 business day.  Which btw...if he actually did read his receipt it says "orders received will be shipped within 5-7 business days excluding weekends and major holidays.  Yep, in 18pt RED BOLD LETTERS!

Yep, another customer that gets Famed on our Wall of Idiots.

BTW...WE GET THIS CRAP ON A DAILY BASIS.  Example:  Customer sends an email stating the decals are too small or big.  However, they don't tell us in measurements what that equates to.  We are supposed to just guess?

Is this accurate when I can't even see where the tape measure starts to measure the blue or black area.  Yeah, didn't think so!