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Domed decals are a great way to make regular decals look even better!

What you need before installation.
- Microfiber Towel
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Scissors
- Blow Dryer

1. Clean the install area where the domed decal will be installed using the Rubbing Alcohol and Microfiber towel.
2. Cut half the rear backing paper of the domed decal off without touching any of the adhesive side of the decal.
3. The backing paper that is still on the domed decal you will hold it there with your fingers to install it.  This will allow the oils on your fingers to NOT get on the adhesive side of the decals. If you touch it you will end up seeing the decals lift off! 
4. Lightly press the adhesive side down.
5. Pull off the backing of the other side.
6. Press firmly, yes FIRMLY, using the Microfiber towel from the center working out to the edge.
7. Take a blow dryer and repeat step #6.  Make sure you keep the heat moving and not static in one spot.
8. Admire how great they look!

NOTE: If you see lifting that is because you failed to clean the area correctly and or you touched the adhesive side of the decal!   We have tested and fitted these decals on various makes and models.  Including running them through a car wash and have had NO issues.  Especially, where we live in 100-115 degree daily temps 5 months out of the year.